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ASBC Methods of Analysis - Sugars and Syrups-17: Fermentable Saccharides by Chromatography

ASBC Methods of Analysis

Adjunct Materials

Sugars and Syrups-17
Fermentable Saccharides by Chromatography


Chromatography has found extensive use for the separation, identification, and quantitative evaluation of constituents important in brewing. Two procedures, gas and liquid chromatography, have proved to be readily adaptable to the precise evaluation of saccharides in brewing sugars and syrups and in worts, utilizing instrumentation developments commonly recognized as permitting “high performance.” This method calculates fermentable saccharides in brewing sugars and syrups by gas chromatography, which gives a differential separation of individual sugars within the various saccharide groups, and by liquid chromatography, which has maximum utility in separating saccharides on the basis of degree of polymerization.