ASBC Methods of Analysis - Sensory Analysis-16: Hop Grind Sensory Evaluation Method

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Sensory Analysis-16
Hop Grind Sensory Evaluation Method


Historically, hop aroma has been evaluated by rubbing hops, which can be messy, requires the destruction of a large sample size, and can be variable based on rub vigor. In contrast, this fast and affordable hop sensory method is both sensitive and repeatable. This method serves as a resource for quality programs to evaluate hops as a raw brewing material and for research programs to explore potentially unique or desirable aromas in developing hop varieties. The hop grind method offers the following advantages: the hops can be prepared in a short period of time, with samples being produced in approximately 5 min. The method can be performed using significantly less hop material than required in the rub, and lastly, the hop grind method is not messy and does not have the same risk of aroma carryover as the rub method.