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ASBC Methods of Analysis - Control Charting Guidelines for Quality Control

ASBC Methods of Analysis

Control Charting Guidelines for Quality Control


A typical question asked by brewers or other brewery personnel utilizing analytical laboratory data is, “how do I know that these results are accurate”? This question will most commonly be asked when the product or process results are out-of-specification. There are a number of potentially serious consequences for out of specification results including: (1) the need to retrieve product from the market, (2) disposing of product, and (3) potential fines for not meeting regulatory requirements. When asked to prove that the analytical data are correct, how do you respond? There are a number of approaches to answer this question, but one statistical tool that can be utilized for internal quality control is control charting. A control chart is simply composed of individual or mean data plotted over time. A set of rules is applied to the data, and any result falling outside of the rules suggests that there is an issue with the measurement system. This documentation on control charting laboratory data will provide an introduction to the topic. Options for more in-depth publications are listed in the reference section.