ASBC Methods of Analysis - Flavor Standard Spiking Calculator

ASBC Methods of Analysis

Flavor Standard Spiking Calculator


The ASBC Flavor Spiking Calculator was designed to help a brewery’s sensory scientist or lab technician find the appropriate quantities of food-grade flavor compounds to add to base beer for the purpose of training taste panelists to recognize a wide variety of flavors found in beer. By combining the latest beer flavor threshold values from the scientific literature and the information management capabilities of Microsoft Excel, this calculator cuts out much of the guesswork, math, and literature searching that is required to successfully operate a flavor training regimen. With a catalog of nearly 40 food-grade flavors available from chemical supply companies, this calculator is a powerful yet simple tool for producing consistent and accurate flavor training standards. Procedures for creating stock solutions, common flavor descriptors, origins of flavors, and basic information on the shelf-life of the standards are also displayed dynamically.

To operate the calculator:

Step 1: choose the flavor you wish to create a standard for by selecting the compound name in the drop-down list.

Step 2: choose the flavor intensity you’d like in the standard (in multiples of the compound’s threshold).

Step 3: enter the volume of beer you would like to add the standard to (in milliliters).

Step 4: the volume of that flavor’s stock solution that needs to be added to the beer is now shown in microliters.