Research Applications and The Craft Brewers' Perspective

Research Applications and The Craft Brewers' Perspective

Hillery Hight, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company


Learn about the implications of EPR in the craft brewery. Explore the impact of EPR on flavor stability and product freshness in the craft brewing environment. Expand your knowledge of free radicals and how to measure their levels. Gain insight into the calculation of raw data for quality control.

Topics covered in this presentation:

EPR Research Applications
Production Related Challenges of Research
Construction of Research & Development
Advantages to Pilot Brewery & Lab
R&D Laboratory
Using EPR to Study the Impact of Malt on Free Radical Activity
Malt Trial Data
Hop Trials
Hop Trial Data
Special Considerations when Planning Aged Beer Studies with EPR
Direct vs. Indirect Analytical Methods
Factors Influencing Free Radical Activity Levels
EPR – An “Indirect Measurement”
Correlation between Iron Content and Free Radical Activity Levels
Minimizing Variables
Data Processing
Typical Wort of Ale Beer Run Set Up
TempolStable Nitroxide Radical
Steps for Calculating Normalized Raw Data
Advantages of Extrapolation Method
EPR in the Research Environment
Final Thoughts on EPR

About the Presenter

Hillery Hight began working on electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) while in a position of quality assurance technician at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, CA in 1999. Her focus was on experimental applications with EPR involving ales and flavor stability.

In 2005, Hillery became a research analyst at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Her work in R&D involves many different projects throughout the brewery, including raw materials analysis, process and product improvement, and product stability. Hillery received B.A. degrees in 1987 in both international relations and divish from the University of California at Davis. She received the Craft Brewers Certificate from the American Brewers Guild in Davis, CA, in 1996.

Hillery is currently serving on the American Society of Brewing Chemists Technical Subcommittee on Standard Method for Measuring Oxidative Resistance of Light/Lager Beer by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR).

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