Methods Calculators and eXtras

General Conversion Calculators

Alcohol by Volume to Alcohol by Weight
Alcohol by Weight to Alcohol by Volume
Apparent Extract (Plato or Balling) to Specific Gravity
Specific Gravity to Apparent Extract (Plato or Balling)
As-Is to Dry-Basis
Dry-Basis to As-Is
Degrees Fahrenheit to Degrees Celsius
Degrees Celsius to Degrees Fahrenheit
EBC to SRM Color
SRM to EBC Color
Fluid Ounces to Milliliters
Milliliters to Fluid Ounces
Freezing Point of Beer
Gallons to Liters
Liters to Gallons
Kilograms to Pounds
Pounds to Kilograms
Pounds Extract per Barrel
Dilution and Calibration Standards

Flavor Standard Spiking Calculator

Flavor Standard Spiking Calculator

Calculators and eXtras by Method

Adjuncts, Cereals–3  Moisture
Moisture (International Method)

Adjuncts, Cereals–4  Oil (Fatty Substances)
Calculate the Weight of Petroleum Ether Extract

Adjuncts, Cereals–5  Extract
Cereals – Enzyme Conversion Method

Adjuncts, Cereals–7  Ash
Calculate the Weight of Ash

Adjuncts, Sugars and Syrups–5  Extract
Calculate the % Extract

Adjuncts, Sugars and Syrups–7  Fermentable Extract
Calculation of Fermentable Extract

Adjuncts, Sugars and Syrups–13  Diastatic Power (Diastatic Malt Syrups Only)
Calculate Diastatic Power

Barley–2 Physical Tests
1,000-Kernel Weight (KW)

Barley–5  Moisture
Moisture: Air-Oven Method

Barley–6  Extract
Extract in Barley

Barley–7  Protein
Calculate Protein in Barley

Beer–4  Alcohol
Beer and Distillate Measured Gravimetrically

Beer–5  Real Extract
Beer Measured Volumetrically

Beer–6  Calculated Values
Extract of Original Wort
Real Degree of Fermentation
Apparent Degree of Fermentation
Carbohydrate Content of Beer

Beer–10  Color
Spectrophotometric Color Method
Tristimulus Analysis Calculator (Excel)

Beer–11  Protein
Report Protein in Beer

Beer–13  Dissolved Carbon Dioxide
True Carbonation Calculator (*executable file - right click and download)
*Results from the calculator differ from the ASBC CO2 chart in some cases.

Beer–14  Ash
Percent Ash in Beer

Beer–21  Total Sulfur Dioxide
Determining Total Sulfur Dioxide using the p-Rosaniline Method (slide show)

Beer–22  Foam Collapse Rate
Foam Collapse Rate – Sigma Value
Foam Collapse Rate – Foam Flashing Method

Beer–23  Beer Bitterness
Beer Bitterness – Bitterness Units (BU)

Iso Alpha Acid Estimated Calculation from BU Value (executable file - right click and download)

Beer–32  Viscosity
Viscosity – International Method

Beer–33  Caloric Content
Caloric Content (Calculated)

Beer–35  Total Polyphenols
Total Polyphenols – International Method

Brewers' Grains–3  Moisture
Moisture – Sample in Wet Condition
Moisture – After Preliminary Drying
Moisture – Wet Condition Rapid Method

Brewers' Grains–4  Available Extract
Extract – In Mixture of Wet Brewers' Grains
Available Extract in Wet Grains, Dry Basis
Available Extract in Wet Grains, as-is Basis

Brewers' Grains–5  Soluble Extract
Soluble Extract – On Sample After Preliminary Drying
Soluble Extract – Mashing Method
Soluble Extract – Pressure Method
Soluble Extract – Dry Brewers’ Grains

Brewers' Grains–7  Protein by Combustion
Protein by Combustion

Hops–4  Moisture
Moisture – By Distillation
Moisture – By Vacuum Drying

Hops 6  α- and β-Acids in Hops and Hop Pellets by Spectrophotometry and by Conductometric Titration
α- and β-acids by Spectrophotometry

Hops–12  Hop Storage Index
Hop Storage Index

Malt–4  Extract
Extract – % Extract in Malt

Malt–5  Wort Analysis
Wort Analysis – Wort Soluble Protein

Malt–7  Alpha-Amylase
Alpha Amylase – International Method

Malt–8  Protein (N × 6.25)
Protein – N × 6.25

Malt–12  Malt Modification by Friability
Malt Modification by Friability (Slide Show)

Malt–15  Grist
Malt Grind/Hand Sieve calculator (Excel)
Manual Sieve Analysis (Video)

Statistical Analysis 3  Ruggedness Testing
Review of Collaborative Statistics Tutorial (Slide show and video)

Statistical Analysis 4  Youden Unit Block Collaborative Testing Procedure
Review of Collaborative Statistics Tutorial(Slide show and video)
Youden Unit Block Workbook (Excel)

Statistical Analysis 5  Youden Unit Block Collaborative Testing Procedure
Validation of Analytical Methods Tutorial(Video)

Wort–5  Yeast Fermentable Extract
Yeast Fermentable Extract – Rapid Fermentation

Wort–7  Total Acidity
Total Acidity

Wort–17  Protein in Unhopped Wort
Protein in Unhopped Wort by Spectrophotometry

Wort–21  Thiobarbituric Acid Index
Thiobarbituric Acid Index

Yeast–5  Yeast Solids
Yeast Solids – Pressed Yeast Samples
Yeast Solids – Percent by Spin-Down

Yeast–6  Yeast Viability by Slide Culture
Yeast Viability by Slide Culture

Yeast–13  Differentiation of Brewing
Yeast Strains by PCR Fingerprinting PCR Mix Calculator (Excel worksheet)

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